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Fix: Windows 11 Is Not Displaying the Weather Widget

If you can’t see the Weather Widget on your Windows 11 taskbar, you’re not the only one experiencing this glitch. Many users have complained about the same issue. Reinstalling the Web Experience Pack can temporarily solve the problem until the next boot. Let’s explore what else you can do to fix this problem. The Weather Widget Is Not Working on Windows 11 Reinstall the Web Experience Pack The quickest way to fix the Weather Widget is to reinstall the Web Experience Pack. However, remember you’ll need to reinstall the pack next time you boot up your computer. Launch PowerShell with admin rights and run this command to uninstall the Web Experience Pack: Get-AppxPackage MicrosoftWindows.Client.WebExperience* | Remove-AppxPackage Then, download the Windows Web Experience Pack from Microsoft. Enable Taskbar Widgets If the Weather Widget app won’t show up on your taskbar, go to taskbar settings, and enable this option. Navigate to Settings , select Personalization , scroll

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