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Exploring Accessible Travel: Tips for Wheelchair Users

  Exploring Accessible Travel: Tips for Wheelchair Users   Plan Ahead: When it comes to accessible travel, planning is key. Research your destination thoroughly to ensure it offers suitable accommodations, transportation, and attractions. Look for hotels with accessible rooms, wheelchair-friendly tourist sites, and accessible public transportation options. Additionally, contact local disability organisations or travel agencies that specialise in accessible travel for valuable insights and recommendations. Choose the Right Wheelchair: Selecting the right wheelchair is crucial for comfortable and hassle-free travel. Consider your specific needs and the type of terrain you will encounter during your trip. If you require a new wheelchair for your travels, companies like Millercare offer wheelchairs for sale with various options to suit different preferences and requirements. Notify Airlines and Accommodations: Inform airlines and accommodations about your mobility requirement

How to Prevent it? Email Spoofing

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