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How to Add a Text Watermark in Google Docs

 You need to add a watermark to your Google Docs document, but you don’t feel like leaving your file. The good news is that you don’t have to. Google Docs now has all the options you need to quickly add a watermark. You can choose by adding a text or image watermark. There’s also an option to adjust the transparency of it too. Let’s see how each option looks on your file, so you know which one to go with. How to Add a Text Watermark in Google Docs The options to add a text watermark or an image are in the same place. So, if you change your mind and want to try the other one, you won’t have to leave that area. To add your watermark, click on the Insert option at the top and click on the Watermark option. It’ll be near the bottom. When you click on the Watermark option, a side menu will appear where you can choose if the watermark is going to be text or an image. Let’s go with the text option for now. In the first box, you can enter the text and, below that, the formatt