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How to Change Your Master Password in Bitwarden

Bitwarden can help you save all your passwords so you can assign each account a unique one. But there is one password that Bitwarden will not save for you, and that is the master password you need to access all your saved passwords in your Bitwarden account. But if, for some reason, you shared it with someone or want to change it to one that is easier for you to remember, you’ll need to change your master password. Keep reading and see how quickly and easily you can get it done and what steps you’ll need to follow. How to Change Your Master Password on Bitwarden To change your Bitwarden master password, you’ll need to go to their official site . Sign into your account using your login info, and once you’re in, click on the Security option from the list on your left. At the top, you’ll see the option to change your current master password . You’ll need to enter your current master password and the new one. You’ll also see a message warning you that by changing your master