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How To Fix IPhone X Overheating Issues

  Overheating leads to various other problems such as battery drain, performance issues, etc. iPhone X is an incredible smartphone but it is vulnerable to some problems one of which is overheating. There are two reasons for your iPhone X to heat – internal and external. The internal reason is an overloaded processor. Playing games with high graphics or watching HD videos etc. heat the phone because glass retains heat and your iPhone X gets overheated. External causes of overheating are direct sunlight or warm temperatures even when keeping you in your pocket for a long time can heat your phone. When apps are not updated they may create many problems. They should always be up to date because updates come with fixes and patches for bugs and glitches. Go to App Store > Update All button to update all the apps or use the Update button beside the app that you want to update. If there are apps on your smartphone that have been lying and are forgotten then they are just occup