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LinkedIn: How to View Your Next Billing Date

LinkedIn has many great features to offer when it comes to hiring or getting hired. You can use it to build connections with people in your industry and stay in touch with people you’ve worked with in the past. But, since you saw that LinkedIn Premium offered the needed features, you decided to upgrade. But, after a while, you decided to part ways with LinkedIn and its Premium features. Since you don’t want to get charged for another month or year, you want to know when the next billing date is. That way, you can cancel your subscription shortly before the next payment is due. How to View Your LinkedIn Billing Date Forgetting the billing date for any subscription is easy. You probably have various subscriptions and get the billing dates all mixed up. The good news is that finding when the next payment is due for your LinkedIn subscription is easy to find. Once you’ve signed into your LinkedIn account, click on the dropdown menu for the Me option. It should be right be