How To Fix IPhone X Overheating Issues


Overheating leads to various other problems such as battery drain, performance issues, etc. iPhone X is an incredible smartphone but it is vulnerable to some problems one of which is overheating.

There are two reasons for your iPhone X to heat – internal and external. The internal reason is an overloaded processor. Playing games with high graphics or watching HD videos etc. heat the phone because glass retains heat and your iPhone X gets overheated. External causes of overheating are direct sunlight or warm temperatures even when keeping you in your pocket for a long time can heat your phone.

When apps are not updated they may create many problems. They should always be up to date because updates come with fixes and patches for bugs and glitches.

Go to App Store > Update All button to update all the apps or use the Update button beside the app that you want to update.

If there are apps on your smartphone that have been lying and are forgotten then they are just occupying space, energy, and data. You have probably not updated the apps as well. Delete such apps to reduce the pressure on your smartphone. It will run smoother.

Disable Background App Refresh

The App Refresh feature on iPhone X keeps the apps that have been running in the background updated. The apps consume data, resources, and energy. This will definitely cause your phone to overheat. By turning off this feature you can fix the overheating problem. Follow the steps below to disable background app refresh:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Next tap on Background App Refresh and toggle the feature off

Just below that option, you have a list of apps listed for which the feature is on. If you want, you can select certain apps which you think maybe the cause of the overheating problem. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you turn the feature off for all the apps.

Uninstall Battery Consuming Apps

Another possible fix for iPhone X overheating issues is to uninstall huge apps. Big apps tend to consume a lot of phones energy and over-work it. Most apps will have alternatives, you can try installing smaller-sized apps that offer the same services or features and have the bigger app uninstalled.

Go to Settings > Battery and check the detailed battery usage of every app. Uninstall the app which consumes a lot of battery power.

  • On the Home Screen tap and hold any icon
  • When all the icons on the screen begin to wiggle locate the app that you wish to uninstall
  • Tap on ‘x’ in the corner of the application that you want to uninstall
  • Tap on Delete to get rid of the faulty app

Disable Airdrop and Bluetooth

Both Airdrop and Bluetooth are going to come down hard on the processor if they are on always. The process to turn both these features off is pretty simple.

  • Swipe down on your iPhone X from the top and tap on them to turn them off. When on, they will be highlighted in blue but when they are turned off they will be greyed out.

Force Restart

If you notice your iPhone X is overheated and is also draining out on battery juices then a force restart can help fix the issue. Here is what you need to do for a force restart:

Press and release the Volume Up button then press and release the Volume Down button. Finally, press the Side button but keep holding it till the display turns black. Keep holding on to the Side button and wait till the device turns back on and the Apple logo flashes on it.

Reset Settings

Many bugs, problems, and glitches are fixed when you reset your smartphone. iPhone X overheating issues can also be fixed with this process. However, this should be your last resort if none of the fixes mentioned above are working for you. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Now on this screen tap on Reset
  • Tap on Reset All Settings. If you have set a passcode then you will be prompted for it before your iPhone X can begin the process. Wait for the process to complete; it will take several minutes.

You should also check for any software updates if any. If your iOS isn’t updated you may experience some issues. Every new update brings bug fixes, security improvements, and new features.

All the above fixes will help you solve the overheating issues on your iPhone X. You can always contact Apple or visit one of their stores nearby.












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